Sunday, January 06, 2008

Republicans boring tonight

MANCHESTER, N.H.--Your blogstress had a hard time staying focused when watching the Republican presidential candidates talk to Chris Wallace. Last night was a family feud, which offered some compelling moments. Tonight was more like a late family dinner where everybody's a little tired and cranky. Your ecrivaine did note, however, that Mike Huckabee stole Rudy Giuliani's line from last night about Ronald Reagan's amnesty bill. Huckabee told viewers of the Fox News debate that Ronald Reagan's amnesty for illegal immigrants was the reason we "have the mess we have today."

Fred Thompson seemed terribly condescending, and a bit clueless. John McCain had little fire. Mitt Romney seemed just as vapid as ever, but that didn't stop a Frank Luntz focus group from going whole-hog for him. The same group did not think that Hillary Clinton would be the Democrat's presidential nominee; they overwhelmingly chose Barack Obama as the nominee that their man, Romney, would face in November.

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