Thursday, February 21, 2008

Live-blogging the Dem CNN-Univision Debate
Fight club

John King, sensing a lack of drama in the proceedings, decided to kick things up a notch by asking Clinton to address her criticism of Obama as "all hat and no cattle." She smiled sweetly and said something nice that your blogstress, plagued by a runny nose and a mal à la tête.

Obama responded with a great speech.

Volley on Clinton's charge of plagiarism, which she has accused Obama of doing for using a few very good lines from the speech of one his supporters, Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick. "If you're going to base your campaign on words," she said, "they ought to be your own words." She went on, "That's not change you can believe in; that's change you can Xerox." It came across as too cute by half. She did not deliver it with conviction.

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