Friday, April 25, 2008

Baby Jesus lost His head

In a fit of spring cleaning, your blogstress set about washing her tchotchkes. No sooner had she immersed her figurine of the Blessed Mother holding the toddler Son of God, when baby Jesus's head detatched itself from His body.

Your blogstress asks for your prayers, fearing this to be some sort of omen, perhaps resulting from her publication of yet another piece about the pope -- this one asking whether he seeks to provoke violence with certain symbolic acts.

You can find it at The American Prospect Online.

Meanwhile, your Webwench has fired up the hot glue gun.

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1 comment:

S.W. Anderson said...

Addie, that was an excellent article.

I would probably qualify as a first-class heretic by proposing to his holiness, if I were to get the chance, that rather than competing for the souls of those in Islamic countries, he might better advance the causes of enlightenment and peace by instead trying to open Muslim eyes to the reality of their situation.

That being that in too many places Muslims' Islamic faith has been hijacked by sociopathic false prophets who are using them to act out bloodlust madness and grab power.