Tuesday, March 24, 2009

What's Bill O'Reilly afraid of?

I have confirmed with blogger Amanda Terkel (see last post) that no one at "The O'Reilly Factor" ever tried to book her for a proper, in-studio interview prior to sending out Bill-O's stalker squad to trail her on a two-hour drive for the purpose of ambushing her on a weekend with a video camera. This leads one to ask, just what is Bill O'Reilly afraid of? He clearly didn't want to have a conversation with Terkel; he just wanted a videotaped reaction from her while she was being confronted by her stalker with false accusations.

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1 comment:

ANDREW J. Di LiDDO, JR. said...

I am not sure what O'Reilly is afraid of but I saw this story and Terkel on MSNBC Countdown w/ Keith Olberman. O'Reilly may be afraid of declining TV ratings as described by Olberman, increasing Glenn Beck to prime time and Rupert Murdoch dumping O'Reilly for Beck. Clearly, Murdoch's wife is an Obama person and is influencing Murdoch relative to his media empire, e.g. the recent dust up at the New York Post