Monday, April 13, 2009

Gay nation gets Newt's goat

Well, not quite -- the "gay nation" part, that is. But you gotta admit, for advocates of same-sex marriage, last week was stellar, especially in the melancholy aftermath of Proposition 8. Iowa's Supreme Court ruled it unconstitutional to ban same-sex marriage in that heartland state. That had Newt Gingrich railing yesterday, on "This Week With George Stephanopoulos", about the dangers of having the judiciary settle social issues: "[I]t's very dangerous for the country to have the judiciary become the chief agent of social change," said the former House speaker. I mean, look where that got us: having to go to school with black people and nixing the sexual harassment of women in the workplace. Bummer, man.

And Newt's philosophical opposition to Iowa's new marriage scheme left him defenseless against the Green Mountain state's newfound barrier-free approach to same-sex marriage. That's right, in Vermont last week, the legislature -- that's right, Newt, the elected representatives of the people -- overrode the governor's veto of a statute legalizing same-sex marriage.

Now, you had to bet that once the stars aligned to grant us this amazing turn of events, the right would see a galvanizing, fund-raising opportunity. So herewith, the video, "A Gathering Storm", that warns of a grave threat to the oppressed heterosexual majority should gay marriage become the norm:

While the National Organization for Marriage (NOM) folks assert throughout their video that same-sex marriage will somehow intrude on their lives, they never say just how.

Offering possible answers to that question, the indefatigable Lizz Winstead has produced a charming parody that features your blogstress's favorite conscious comic, Baratunde Thurston. Since that video is not embeddable, so you'll have to go to Baratunde's site to view it.

You can also find Baratunde's video here, at Shoot the Messenger.

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