Saturday, September 12, 2009

912 March

Kinda says it all.

Fashion statement.

Looks like they finally figured out what "teabagging" means.

Summertime has come and gone, my oh my.

Because God loves bullets. And guts.

Weary wing-nuts practice their Russian.

Were it not for the sign and the shirts, I could swear I saw these guys at the high-heeled race.

Stalin must be spinning in his grave.

Difference of opinion: He's Hitler, not Stalin, dammit!

Because, you know, they're all shady.

So nice I had to blog it twice.

So wholesome.

View from across the pool on the Capitol grounds. All those little dots across the water? Them's people. Lots and lots of angry white people.

Another view along the pool.

Obediently listening to the voices of the Astroturfers coming from the podium.

More around the Capitol grounds.

Pressed into service by his dad.

I didn't realize things had gotten this bad.

Because universal health care is a lot like the murder of innocents.

Nostalgic for the days when women could not vote.

Left their pashminas at home.

Amazing Grace.

The president as micro-organism.

The Tea Party aesthetic.

Marching up Pennsylvania Avenue.

The Culpeper militia flag in action.

Fixing up the militia flag for the big march.

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