Monday, August 16, 2004

Queer, schmeer...

Your blogstress thought she might avoid posting a new McGreevey item today, but she just couldn't stay away, especially when she heard Steve Inskeep announce this today on NPR's "Morning Edition":

"New Jersey Gov. Jim McGreevey's decision to resign after admitting to an affair with a man doesn't seem to have hurt his poll numbers. After his announcement, a poll found his approval rating at 45 percent--two points higher than before."

And your cybertrix was just about to suggest that Steve and Renee give up on trying to continue Bob Edwards' absurd-items intro to the news. Maybe not yet.

Thank God for New Jersey

You have no idea how much it pains your Webwench to direct any reader to the opinion pages of the Wall Street Journal, but John Fund does offer a probing look at, as Newsfeed slugged it, "Why New Jersey Is a Pit of Corrupution." (Because we like it that way, Mr. Fund!)

On the "Chris Matthews Show" his weekend, some sage from below the Mason-Dixon said, "When we talk about corrpution the South, we like to say, thank God for New Jersey." (I wish I could tell you who it was, but if you view any of the NBC Web sites, it's almost as if this show didn't exist, although Matthews' MSNBC show,"Hardball", is everywhere you look.)

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