Friday, October 08, 2004

Counselor to the president

Karen Hughes turned up on MSNBC as Bush's heavy artillery, looking ebullient, no doubt ecstatic not to have witnessed a second meltdown of her candidate. In assessing the president's purported success in this evening's forum, the former counselor to the president (now counselor to the candidate) asserted: "He's a people person."

To her credit, MSNBC's Chris Jansing challenged this perception: "He looked angry, he looked mean," she said, "[and] he nearly charged Charlie Gibson at one point."

"He looked friendly," countered the grinning Ms. Hughes. "He had that twinkle in his eye."

Apparently what your blogstress saw as a twitch turned out to be a twinkle.

Naughty to be haughty

Watch word of the night: haughty. The Bush spinners--most recently, Karen Hughes--are all using it. They say that's how Kerry looked. And they're a bit right. He's a haughty guy. But your cybertrix is not so sure it matters. If your blogstress was John Kerry (a mind-bending scenario), she would ignore the charge and talk about issues.

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