Friday, October 08, 2004

Dick Cheney and the Open Society

White Dragon, a dear reader, writes with a most fascinating observation regarding an odd clash of interests in a single domain name:

[C]ouldn't help but notice Mr. Cheney's boo-boo during the VP debate. Cheney asked viewers to visit to find out the "real" facts about Edwards and Kerry.

If you visit, you'll find yourself at a Web site owned by George Soros [the financier who supports liberal causes around the world, often under the aegis of his Open Society Foundation]. The site has a large banner that reads:

"Why we must not re-elect President Bush: A personal message from George Soros"

Mr. Soros then explains his take on the Bush regime.

The good people at Soros HQ report heavier traffic on their Web site since the debate. More than triple. They [seem to be saying] that they don't own the domain and that they are checking into the matter to see what happened... After all, people who support open society play fair.

Cheney must have meant to say

There is such poetic irony in this mixup...

Your blogstress asks: Orggie or commie? Choose or lose.

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