Tuesday, October 05, 2004


The big gimmick line of the evening was Cheney's very effective accusation of Senate absenteeism on the part of Edwards, asserting that even though the vice president serves as the body's president and comes to the Senate chamber every week, he had never met John Edwards.

Vermont Senator Patrick Leahy, the Democrat who got famously F.U.'d by the veep on the Senate floor, made the point on MSNBC that, on his Tuesday visits to the Senate, "unlike all of the vice presidents before him, he meets only with Republicans."

Somebody needs to tell the Edwards camp to stop trying to use Cheney's having met Edwards at a prayer breakfast to refute the charge. Through his dismissive demeanor and judo tactics, Cheney is able to ignore charges made. But Edwards has a ways to go before he can use a prayer breakfast to defend himself against the charge of truancy.

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