Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Et tu, Faustus?

Oh, to have the supreme, serene self-confidence of Richard B. Cheney. What's his secret? Does he meditate in morning? Has he gone to the Crossroads? Tonight's exercise in debate history proved how demeanor can trump reality. When challenged on issues on which he was clearly weak, he simply ignored them or denied what he had actually done. And it worked.

Edwards often made his points quite ably, only to be flicked off by the vice president, as if a fly on his sleeve.

For the record, the MSNBC crowd is all self-congratulatory for having dug up footage of Cheney asserting the link between Saddam Hussein and 9-11, which they showed about 20 minutes after the debate. Meanwhile, your blogstress, just minutes after he denied having made it, posted a link to a newspaper story in which the vice president made that assertion. (See item titled "Saddam and Osama: What'd you say?"- posted at 9:20 p.m.) So there!

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