Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Deflating the inflation myth

Kudos to your blogstress's foxy friend, Glenn Kellis, for reminding us that, compared to the chimera that is our economy, war, pestilence and the de-facto suspension of the Constitution are mere nuisances. No, your cybertrix is not being ironic -- c'est vrai, mes amis, c'est vrai. For when this baby blows -- and sooner or later she must (the economy that, is -- not your Webwench), war, pestilence and oppression will be compounded manifold on a global scale. And though, here in the world's only superpower, we like to think we stand apart, we are, sad to say, actually part of the rest of le monde.

Over at his Ob:Blog, Kellis offers a novel approach to dieting:

Introducing the Core Rate Diet (tm)! It's so simple, too: Just do what the government does to the inflation numbers, only in this instance we're dealing with another kind of inflation. Body inflation.
Intrigued? Click here to read the rest.

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