Tuesday, May 02, 2006

FBI is watching you

Who says J. Edgar Hoover is dead? It is not without good reason that his disgraced name remains the same as that of the building that houses the Federal Bureau of Investigation, which is making itself quite busy these days snooping -- without the need of a court warrant -- on Americans. Dan Eggen writes in the The Washington Post:

FBI Sought Data on Thousands in '05

The FBI sought personal information on thousands of Americans last year from banks, Internet service providers and other companies without having to seek approval from a court, according to new data released by the Justice Department.

In a report to the top leaders of both parties in the House, the department disclosed that the FBI had issued more than 9,200 "national security letters," or NSLs, seeking detailed information about more than 3,500 U.S. citizens or legal residents in 2005.
If you think this is about catching bin Laden, please think again, dear reader. It saddens your écrivaine to remind her devotees that if the administration wanted bin Laden so badly, they wouldn't have let him get out of Tora Bora alive. And they wouldn't have used the head of Pakistan's intelligence operation as an "emissary" to the Taliban in the days following 9-11 -- ostensibly to plead for the the extradition of bin Laden -- knowing full well that he would tip off his Taliban friends as to the nature of the U.S. "plan" for bin Laden's capture. And that's exactly what happened.

Ah, but your Webwench digresses. So let her digress again, for it seems that while the FBI -- an agency of the executive branch -- has been demanding the library records of Americans, the Bush administration was outing Valerie Plame even as she monitored Iran's WMD program. Your cybertrix learned this from John Aravosis at Americablog, and you can, too.

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