Friday, May 05, 2006

Mixed messages from Pat Kennedy

While your blogstress could not get herself exercised about the "special treatment" afforded Kennedy after he crashed his car into a Capitol Hill barricade, she is saddened by the Rhode Island congressman's handling of his situation.

While Kennedy has displayed a certain courage in speaking frankly of the fact of his addiction problems and his manic depression, much appeared to be missing from his explanation of just what addictive substance caused his recent run-in with the law. (Ambien? Painkillers? Alcohol? Nausea meds?)

And his revelation today that he spent his Christmas vacation in rehab seems to be news to his constituents, long past Easter.

Your cybertrix was pleased that Kennedy took the opportunity to call for parity for mental health coverage in insurance plans, but would have been happier had he taken a question or two. Now, that would have been courage.

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