Friday, May 05, 2006

True crime

With all the talk about whether Rep. Patrick Kennedy (D-RI), son of the Lion of the Senate, was granted special treatment after crashing his car on Capitol Hill, your blogstress finds herself transported back to her salad days (also known as her Scotch-and-phenobarbitol days), and a conflict between her Pinto and a telephone pole. (Thank goodness it was the front end of the car that kissed the pole; hers was indeed the Ford model that came equipped with the standard exploding gas tank.)

A kindly police officer took down her story, observing that the road was icy. Although he did file an accident report, your cybertrix was not charged with a crime, and was given a lift to her destination by the authorities.

Note that your écrivaine was neither a congressman nor a Kennedy -- just an ordinary (if exceedingly comely) young woman.

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