Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Meanwhile, at the Washington Post Web site...

...your blogstress states the feminist case for Obama:

The feminist rationale for an Obama vote is really quite simple: My grand-niece. Your daughter, if you have one. All the little girls who are growing up at a rather grim hour in American history.

Our nation is sinking deeper into recession. We are mired in a bloody, intractable conflict in Iraq, and may be losing the war in Afghanistan.Our beloved Constitution has been raped and pillaged. Instability and the specter of war threaten every continent. Climate change is hard upon us.

In difficult times, inspiration matters. The ability to lead lies less in the details of policy than in the ability to call people to sacrifice and courage, and to get them to comply. I'm not absolutely certain Obama can do that, but I'm pretty sure that it's not Clinton's strong suit. And given the similarities in their policies, I've cast my lot with him.
Meanwhile, at Comment is Free, the Guardian America's delicious blog, you can find your cybertrix's take on the Washington Post's decision to run the Charlotte Allen and Linda Hirshman pieces.

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