Friday, January 02, 2004

The Big Orange

The fighter jets are roaring over Capitol Hill at an unnerving rate. When you live under restricted airspace, you can become inordinately sensitive to the sound of jet engines overhead.

We've all gotten used to the sound. No one ever mentions it, as if to do so would summon some mighty bad juju. But every now and then, say when you're under Code Orange alert and the second British Airways jet in two days has been forbidden to make its daily run to the capital of the Free World, it can kinda get to you.

At Dulles, where the Britjet was set to land, airport screeners learned that the airport's security director, a manager for the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), had been arrested for drunk driving before his shift was over. The screeners are forbidden full union rights because full union membership, says management, would pose a threat to national security. At Dulles, at least, it looks as though TSA management poses a threat to national security. Not to mention fellow travelers on the Baltimore-Washington Parkway.

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