Tuesday, January 27, 2004

Don't it make my red state blue?

So, it's P-Day in the Granite State, and yours truly remains without a DSL--or any other type of telephonic electronic--connection to cyberspace. So, amid the slush I made a connection hydroponic (via rubberized boots) to a borrowed line, and have about 30 more seconds to write something witty, which just ain't gahn happen.

I'm just smart enough not to prognosticate about today's contest. As for the big one in November, though, I will predict that unless the Bush team tames its snide, mocking tone, it may turn some of those solid red states purple*, leaving Mr. Rove with a mighty red face. (So, who's a weenie, now, KR?)

Astute readers will discover that both of the links embedded above lead to Dan Froomkin's White House briefing on washingtonpost.com. It seems that Mr. Froomkin may just have the best job in our nation's capital. Well, except, perhaps, for Wonkette.

*For those unfamiliar with the color wheel, note that red + blue = purple. Should my scenario pan out, that Constitutional amendment against gay marriage should just die on the vine. Lavender lives!

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