Thursday, January 29, 2004

Trippi-ing the light not so fantastic...

So, the big NH is over, and all my weary newsbiz friends are fried, though the party's just begun.

My favorite part was when, in his victory speech, Kerry said, "I have a message...," and indeed he did. He had Howard Dean's message.

Botox aside, Kerry continues to look good. But if "electability" is the factor that keeps putting him over the top, has anyone considered just how electable he'll actually be once Rove runs oppo over the candidate's eccentric wife?

And Dean! What a lovely speech of longing he gave that night. If only he had been giving that speech before he came in second. (Interestingly, MSNBC's Chris Matthews allowed Dean's speech to run far longer than he did Kerry's.) Quite the softball setup for the "Trippi trips" surprise ending.

Speaking of coverage, what was CNN thinking with that lame "War Room" set they put Carville and Begala in? The contrivance was too cute by far, and omitted the most defining aspect of any war room--lots and lots of people gathered together, plotting the destruction of their enemies. Instead we got an empty room that felt more like a tomb, a tomb that was strewn, so artfully strewn, with posters and papers and care. (Oh, my!)

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