Monday, October 04, 2004

Counting on you

At Kerry campaign headquarters, they're apparently taking that ballot-counting thing pretty seriously. Your blogstress today received a personalized e-mail from the campaign, informing her that the Federal Election Commission (FEC) just approved the campaign's creation of a fund (to which your cybertrix is invited to donate) for financing a possible recount. (Subject line: Be very prepared.) Has this ever been done before?

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Big Peep

Our cosmopolitian friend, The Internationalist, brought to our attention a charming set of panels by cartoonist Richard Thompson for the Washington Post on the matter of the surveillance blimp (item: "The humanity") that annoyed the cr*p out of your blogstress last week as it hovered over her 'hood. Alas, Thompson's cartoon column, "Richard's Poor Almanac," appears only in the print paper, so you'll have to make do with your cybertix quoting the best lines: it is now, the blimp is such a featurless blob, maybe it needs a name or a decorative scheme, somthing that will strike fear into the heart of a potential terrorist.

So here's your chance - VOTE for the blimp name you like best!
Vote for only one, please.






Once you've voted, simply hold your ballot skyward.
Don't worry, it will be seen.

By the way, your blogstress tried to make a stinkeroo on Romenesko regarding the Post's jingoistic coverage of the blimp. ("Don't worry; it's on our side," reads the lede.) For her trouble, she received a funny note from a reporter with a mainstream Washington bureau who concurred with your Webwench on the creepiness of the whole deal, a mean note from an ill-mannered righty, and a gently chiding yet not quite condescending missive from a nice man at the Pentagon.

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Jumpin' Jimminy Kerry

Speaking of ballots, Bai Lon, our White Dragon, sends this clever little mock-up of a Florida ballot--one well worth the click on the link.

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If it's not one thing,

it's your mother

Difficult though this may be to imagine, your blogstress did arrive on earth by the usual means, meaning that she does indeed have a mother.

Much like yours, Maman de la Webwench writes periodically with family news--a baby born, somebody graduated, don't forget it's the birthday of somebody whose birthday one should never forget. (Perhaps unlike yours, the mother of your cybertrix has been online since, like, the 1980s, before Al Gore invented the internet.)

As Mother prepares to leave the continent for a spell, voyaging away from the mayhem we call Election Day, she informs your cyberscribe that she has cast her vote (by absentee ballot). "Hope they manage to count it," she writes.

And in her nurturing way, the queen mother of the blogosphere's crown princess adds: "Also, Heidi is 40 today! Her email is (should you be inclined to welcome her to your generation)."

Ouch! Happy Birthday, cuz. And welcome to the world, baby Loralei! Oh, and Ma--this hot flash is for you.

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