Thursday, April 12, 2007

Imus is gone

CBS has fired Imus from his radio program. Click here for AP story.

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Women athletes -- no respect

From guest blogger Catherine comes this point well made:

It's a shame that in order for a women's collegiate athletic team to
receive national attention they must first be subjected to derrogatory
remarks. The NCAA Women's Basketball Championship game, in which the
Rutgers women's basketball team played, did not make front page news
in the sports section of The Washington Post prior to the
game -- or in the days following the game.

Perhaps if women athletes received the respect by the media that they
deserve -- and that their male counterparts are generously given --
then Imus would not have made such remarks.

Ironically, it took the insult of Imus' comments for the outstanding
athletes on the Rutgers women's basketball team to have their
photograph published on the front page of The Washington Post
and to be interviewed on national television. Those who are
infuriated by his remarks should be equally ouraged by the lack of
respect shown to the women athletes in their not being represented in
the media for their athletic prowess.

--Catherine A. Kozub

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A true disappointment

This morning, mes amis, the venerable Diane Rehm devoted her first hour to the Imus affair. Her guests were Clarence Page, syndicated columnist, Chicago Tribune; Michael Meyers, executive director, New York Civil Rights Coalition; and Frank Ahrens, Washington Post radio reporter. Now, couldn't one of those African-American men been excused in order to make way for a black woman commentator? This is after all, a story, in the the words of Rutgers women's basketball coach C. Vivian Stringer "about the degradation of women."

Enough already with the all-male commentary rosters on this story!

You may write Diane Rehm at:

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