Wednesday, February 16, 2005

A brighter and clearer vision

From our friend, Deep South, comes this appreciation of Howard Dean’s ascension to the donkey’s throne.

Glad you got to see Howard Dean. I am even more glad that someone is taking notice of how the Christian evangelicals have taken over local politics, school boards, etc.

These people are driven by an ideology, a vision of the future they truly believe. They immerse themselves in that dogma, and constantly reinforce each other in group Bible study, and are constantly on the lookout for some disillusioned soul they can carefully win over with proselytizing love and smiles. They carry their small New Testaments in their breast pockets.

I remember an earlier time, of dedicated leftists, who went to any length, to any third world country, into the grossest poverty of Angola or Alabama, with an ideology burning in their hearts…Until some new ideology takes hold with the same fervor of the new evangelicals, with a brighter and clearer vision that drives its adherents from the couch to the caucuses, then we are doomed to drown in this growing and unexpected tsunami of religious fervor.

Learn more about Dean's plan for the Dems.

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