Friday, July 23, 2004

Bean Town Bound

WASHINGTON, DC--The great thing about political conventions is that, however hyperscripted they are, if you're there to do your thing, you never know exactly they're going to turn out for you.

This time is particularly true for me. In past years, I've gone to conventions under the aegis of whatever print publication I was currently gigging for, but this time I applied for my tags as a blogger.

And I got a nice letter that said they were mine.

Then I got one saying it had all been a terrible mistake. (Scroll to page 2 of the "nice letter" PDF.)

The way I see it, I have two letters, both signed by the same person--one of which says I'm in, one of which says I'm not. So I'm choosing to believe the former, which I will present when I go to pick up my imaginary tags.

I mean, they really couldn't have wanted to shut out a liberal feminist who's been dogging the right for--let's not say how many years. Especially when only seven of the 33 bloggers the party credentialed are female, right? (Count 'em, girls, that's nearly 80-percent testosterone.) I mean, surely, they couldn't have meant to treat a friend this way.

So, I'm heading to Boston with my iBook. From whence I'll blog, who knows?

You see, the great thing about blogging is, you don't need no stinking badges. Whatever happens to you, wherever you wind up, whomever you meet, that's what you write about. So, I'll be writing the story that presents itself, as it happens. Stay tuned.

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