Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Bush: We're staying because I say so

President Bush just concluded a Rose Garden press conference intended as a briefing on his surprise trip, made yesterday, to Baghdad. On the subject of a draw-down of troops, Bush used the press conference to address the Iraqi insurgency this way:

Don't bet on it; don't bet on American politics forcing my hand [to withdraw troops], because it's not going to happen. I'm going to make decisions not based upon politics, but based upon what's best for the United States of America.
In other words, what the American people want will have no bearing on the president's prosecution of the war.

Your blogstress also took note of the president's riff on leadership, which he characterized as a determination to succeed at those actions one has chosen to take; he also spoke of willfulness. Ecoutez closely, mes amis, and you will hear not the desire of an executive who seeks to lead his people in their self-chosen destiny, but rather a man determined to make the world over in his own image. It's all about him, mes cheris. You are but the ground on which he treads.


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