Saturday, August 19, 2006

Preview: Radio Free AddieStan
interview with J. Scales

mp3 file

You thought your blogstress was pulling your leg when she promised you a podcast, but herewith, dear reader, find a preview of Radio Free AddieStan, your Webwench's Web-based radio show in development.

In its complete form -- to be launched in the coming week -- Radio Free AddieStan will feature political commentary, an interview with an artist, and an episodic radio play, "Coffee Nerves," written by Tim Caggiano and produced by Frank Gilligan of Beltway Sewer Productions.

Here you will find, mes cheris, an artist segment from what will be our second show, featuring the incomparable J. Scales -- singer, songwriter, musican and poet. On her way to perform at the Serafemme Festival in West Hollywood, J. discusses her artistic process, and what it's like to move, as a performer, between the worlds of black and white, straight and gay, old school and hip-hop. The segment features J.'s music and poetry.

Additional credits:

Uh huh 2005 (c) J. Scales
features DJ Dirty Ice

A Woman Like You 2005 (c) Michaela Harrison
features Michele Hammond on conga and Genny Jams on guitar.

All other music and poetry: 2005 (c) J. Scales

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