Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Little right lies

Listen to your blogstress!

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So much to moan about; so little time.

Your blogstress is feeling mighty alone these days in her indignation over the notion of a Justice Samuel Alito. Does no one else feel this is a disaster? Is no one else bothered by an indefinite tilt of the court to the right? Are we ready to enter a world of strip-searches for 10-year-olds, jailings of 12-year-olds for eating french -- no -- freedom fries in a subway station, and the overturning of civil rights and women's rights decisions?

And how 'bout dem Dems, huh? Can anyone explain to your cybertrix the disorganized questioning of Alito during his nomination hearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee?

It's not as if this hearing was something that was sprung on them. He was nominated on Halloween, and the hearing began after New Year's, for Aphrodite's sake! Couldn't they have sent a bunch of staffers into a room together to come up with a plan?

Your Webwench finds herself still astounded that although it would appear that Judge Alito lied on his 1985 job application to the Justice Department, no one in the opposition party has raised this as reason not to put him on the bench of the High Court. The opponent here is the religious right, champion of the 10 Commandments. To your écrivaine a provable allegation of such a bearing of false witness would seem like a slam-dunk accusation.

But what does she know? Best not to bother her pretty little head about it. Surely no one else is bothering theirs.

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