Monday, October 24, 2005

Our (Grey) Lady of Sorrows

If you've found your blogstress to be negligent on the subject of the New York Times' infamous reporter, Judith Miller, your blogstress herein offers her mea culpa, accompanied by a fascinating take on the unholy mess by William Powers of the National Journal.

In this week's column (you really should be reading him weekly, dear reader), Powers draws a strong analogy between how the Roman Catholic Church has addressed its pedophilic priests problem and how the Times is addressing its problem with journalists who lie (and the editors who let them):

Think about it. A powerful institution of enormous prestige and global importance, one that has unusual sway over our collective life, turns out to have troublesome elements in its ranks, some of them downright corrupt. The story has been dribbling out for years in small isolated cases, but it blows open when a member of the priesthood is revealed to be a serial abuser of the truth.

Click here to read the complete piece Powers's regular weekly column, "Off Message."

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