Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Nominee for U.N. post
denies existence of U.N.
according to Citizens for Global Solutions

From our World Federalist friends at

“While the United Nations needs to be better equipped so that it can meet the challenges of the 21st century, John Bolton is not the right person to spearhead this critical reform effort,” said Don Kraus, vice president of Citizens for Global Solutions. “Bolton [President Bush's nominee for the post of ambassador to the U.N.] has proven himself to be a divisive diplomat, with a track record of breaking bonds rather than creating coalitions. He has long argued:

‘[T]here is no such thing as the United Nations… [but merely] an international community that occasionally can be led by… the United States when it suits our interest.’"

(See for video clip of Bolton's speech from February 1994, Global Structures Convocation.)

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Blogging a dead horse

Today your blogstress fears that she has used up all of her creative writing time trying to get to publish the (finally) unscrambled version of yesterday's post. How sad is that, what with Wolfie traipsing through Europe, the first lady in Afghanistan and Jerry Falwell and the pope both flirting with the great beyond?

Talk amongst yourselves, please. (Then send your Webwench the transcript.)

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