Friday, November 05, 2004

Exit, stage right

As much as it pains your Webwench to extend the ever-widening platform afforded the we've-got-a-three-percent-mandate-so-get-outta-the-way other side, it would be unfair of your blogstress not to commend Barry Johnson of The Hopeful Cynic for his thorough examination of why the exit polls were so off the mark in the presidential election. Since polls drive so much of the campaign process, this is a must-read for those who wish to consider the mechanics of confusion.

Read Johnson's piece on the polls

Of course, your blogstress prefers to believe that the exit polls were actually correct, and the voting machines just wrong. (Which is actually possible, even in a republic as great as ours.) More likely, though, Bush did really win by his slender margin--by boxing up people's fears and selling them in swing states as religion.

NOTE: Why can't these self-described Christians just read the New Testament, and do as Jesus instructed them? As our friend, the Spiritualist, points out, just look at what he said about homosexuality: a big fat zero. And as your cybertrix points out, check out his instruction on abortion: nada. (And yes, they did have abortion in Jesus's day. Abortion has existed since women started getting pregnant.) So what did Jesus say? Love God and one another. Imagine that.

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We're not in Pasadena anymore

WASHINGTON, D.C.--This morning, 9:00 a.m., intersection of North Capitol and D Streets, NW:

On a bicycle, a sixty-something lady in a billowy raincoat of Wedgewood blue, pedaling away in navy-blue nylons and matching pumps. Nice legs.

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Muddling through

Our friend Mallemaroking sends this note of encouragement:

Somehow, we will muddle through this. I love this country to the depths of my soul and I refuse to believe that BushCo is what we are about. We will sail to a better place and fulfill the opportunity that was given us. Of this, I have no doubt.

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