Monday, June 25, 2007

Calling Mr. Spock
Bishop attacks 'logic' of politician's pro-choice stance

How can you tell if a person's -- or an institution's -- opposition to abortion is simple misogyny, or is based on a sincere belief that abortion is the killing of a human being? Look to the person's -- or institution's -- position on birth control. If you really thought human life to begin at conception, and you wanted to reduce the number of abortions, you would support artificial contraception, no?

And so it is that your blogstress has come to the sad conclusion that the bishops of the Roman Catholic Church, the church of her baptism and upbringing, find the justification for their bullying behavior on abortion in their disdain for women -- evidenced, as well, by their pathological need to keep women out of the ecclesiastical club.

Today we find the bishops at it again, picking on poor Rudy Giuliani, who apparently has not had a bad enough week, what with the revelation that the Hero Mayor of 911 New York couldn't manage to make it to those inconveniently scheduled meetings of the Iraq Study Group and the indictment of his South Carolina campaign chief on cocaine charges. The bishops today came out slugging on the front page of today's New York Times:

Archbishop John J. Myers of Newark said: “I think he’s being illogical, as are all of those who take the stand that ‘I’m personally opposed to abortion but this is my public responsibility to permit it.’ To violate human life is always and everywhere wrong. In fact, we don’t think it’s a matter of church teaching, but a matter of the way God made the world, and it applies to everyone.”
If only Archbishop Myers would see the lack of logic in the church's opposition to contraception, which, in some of the world's poorer nations, probably kills more actual, fully formed humans, via HIV and childbirth, than pregnancies ended by abortion.

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