Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Lieberman ego knows no bounds

Because of the proliferation of material on the Joe Lieberman/Ned Lamont contest all over the blogosphere, your blogstress has had precious little to say about the primary for the Democratic nomination for Connecticut's Senate race. In short, her blogging colleagues have had that ground more than covered.

However, the announcement by U.S. Senator Joe Lieberman that, having lost his primary race, he will run as an independent, has your Webwench a bit dazed. Does the senator not understand just how vain, pompous and sanctimonious this makes him look? Indeed, he seems intent on proving the accusations against him by the party's left wing: that he never really cared about the Democratic Party to begin with.

Before he sacrifices every last shred of his dignity to his apparently massive ego, it would behoove Mr. Lieberman to step away from the Senate battle and take up an academic post for a while, from which he could maintain his public profile by becoming an analyst for a television news operation or somesuch. It wouldn't be the end of his political career -- just a post from which to wait out the next opportunity.

Lack of adaptability to the prevailing Zeitgeist is a shortcoming for anyone in political life -- or anyone in life in general. When change is inevitable, acceptance is key.

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