Tuesday, December 05, 2006

A river runs through Egypt
Mel Gibson's "unfortunate experience"

It came as no surprise to your blogstress when Mel Gibson, in the course of promoting his upcoming cinematic bloodfest, "Apocalypto," expressed sympathy for his fellow bigot, Michael Richards. What did surprise your cybertrix, however, was Gibson's demonstration of denial as to the nature of his own crime. One would have thought that some brilliant public-relations consultant would have drilled into the patron saint of the Catholic right the need to at least appear to take responsibility for whatever venom spews, via one's own brain, from one's own mouth.

In an AP report, Gibson says he doesn't expect his celebrated rant to affect box office on the movie:

The movie will stand on its own, regardless of any unfortunate experience I may have stumbled upon."
Stumbled upon? As in, I was just weaving my inebriated self home when I stumbled upon a torrent of anti-Semitic taunts flowing out of my mouth at a Jewish police officer, upon whom I had also stumbled.

More from the AP story, in case you missed it:
Are people refusing to work with him?

"No, people aren't like that," Gibson tells the magazine. "Those are just the headlines: Mel ostracized by Hollywood! Hollywood is what you make it. There is no great pooh-bah up there saying, `Go! You are condemned!'"

Gibson says he's not anti-Semitic.

"I never have been and never would be," he says. "But (the incident) hit this fear thing in me. My god, I made people afraid. … And it was a horrible feeling. That's when I said, `My god, I don't want to be that monster.'"

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