Monday, February 05, 2007

Back to reality

At Real Clear Politics, Tom Bevan makes a case for keeping that cuddly Bush pander bear (may Tsongas rest in peace), the Office for Faith-Based Initiatives in a Democratic administration. Sorry. Not allowed. Please see Amendment #1, U.S. Constitution. Okay, so that talks about what Congress can do. But one would think that religious folks would care about adherence to the spirit of the law.

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Happy Black History Month

Actually, shouldn't they just call it "history month"? After all, since black people have been here since America began, shouldn't all American history be black history? After all, who built this place? Who planted and harvested and cooked and gave us our music? (Don't give me that line about country music. The banjo is an African instrument, bro.) Seems to me that would add up to history AND culture. But we're only made to know that, see that, one month in the year -- and the shortest month, at that.

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