Monday, May 03, 2004

Whuttzee Up To?
Howard Dean's Guerilla Operation

At a call-in press conference this afternoon, former Vermont Governor Howard Dean told your intrepid blogger that why, yes, his new organization, Democracy for America, did intend to seat delegates at the Democratic National Convention this summer. "We want to seat as many of our people as possible," said the former presidential candidate. And what of the Democratic Party platform, Governor? "We expect them to be involved in the platform hearings," he added.

Remember, you heard it here first.

Now, the reason one would do this is to insert enough of one's own agenda (say, opposition to the war in Iraq, or outreach to guys with Confederate flag stickers on the back of their pick-up trucks) into that of the Democratic Party, so as to remake the party in one's own image. As noted in a previous posting, we asked the governor whether or not he intended to use his new organization to take over the party, to which he replied that his goal was to take over the country.

Oh, please forgive, dear reader; we got so excited by the intrigue we so successfully incited that we forgot to mention the purpose of Dean's dial-up media bang. Democracy for America is poised to announce its support for 12 candidates for national office. Can't wait to see who they pick. Honest.

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