Tuesday, September 11, 2007

What September 11th hath wrought

Today's anniversary of the 2001 attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon has a particularly eerie feel to it, perhaps because in 2007, six years later, the anniversary falls for the first time on the same day of the week on which the attacks occurred. It was a Tuesday, and a gloriously beautiful one, at that.

At least today in Washington, D.C., we are spared that similarity. The skies are grey and the air quite sticky.

The fall-out from the attacks continues to plague U.S. foreign policy, and on that end, your blogstress has a piece scheduled to run today at The American Prospect Online that examines current Pakistani politics in light of that nation's post-9/11 relationship with the world's only superpower.

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Did Craig commit perjury?

You may have heard, mes amis, that non-gay Sen. Larry Craig (R-Idaho) yesterday petitioned the Minnesota court "to let him take back the guilty plea he made after his arrest in a men's room sex sting, saying he is innocent but panicked under intense anxiety," according to Reuters.

Our friend, the Internationalist -- not a chap ordinarily prone to the evils of partisanship -- offers this in response to Sen. Craig's wide-stance panic:

The Republican Truth Deficit should give the sub-prime market a run for its money...The Republicans seem to have trouble telling the truth these days, even as they are resigning... I would think that the pressure to adhere to public expectations (or White House desires) would be off when an official decides to quit. But the truth is taking a hit even as the Republicans are quitting.

Senator Craig lies to compound his lies. I'm no attorney, but isn't knowingly filing a false plea perjury? Then when "outed" and pummeled by his party compatriots, Senator Craig chooses his words carefully enough to wiggle out of his resignation. So his intent to resign varies depending on how sure he feels at any given moment to beat the wrap; so much for reliable political leaders.

I can forgive congressional votes based on faulty information, but decisions and declarations solely based on moments of passing fancy are sophomoric to the point of being dangerous. Idaho deserves better, the Senate deserves better. Craig knows how to flip-flop, lie; flip-flop, lie; if having him to kick around for another 14 months weren't so politically inviting, I'd want him to flip-flop away.

And I am not even going to start in on Rummy being "intellectually bankrupt" according to our trusted British ally.

I do have to give kudos to Tony Snow. He's not leaving the White House to spend more time with his family, although I do hope that is a benefit he will enjoy. Spokesman Snow is leaving the White House to earn more money! He said so! Honesty, finally!

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