Friday, March 09, 2007

No Giuliani time for firefighters

While hordes of New York's finest once followed Rudolph Giuliani to City Hall for something of a race riot against then-Mayor David Dinkins, New York's bravest apparently have no intention of helping Dinkins' successor into the White House.

According to the Associated Press, the fire-fighters' union today accused Giuliani of ordering the desceration of the remains of firefighters buried in the rubble of the World Trade Center after 9/11:

The International Association of Fire Fighters, in a draft letter, excoriated Giuliani for his November 2001 decision to cut back the number of firefighters searching the rubble of Ground Zero for the remains of some 300 fallen comrades.

The 280,000-member union accused him of expediting the clean-up process with a "scoop-and-dump" operation after the recovery of millions of dollars in gold, silver and other assets from the Bank of Nova Scotia that had been buried.
For those too young to remember (your blogstress was a very little girl, a-hem), "Giuliani time" refers to the utterances of white New York police officers while sexually assaulting a black man, Abner Louima, whom they deemed troublesome. Explaining their attack to their victim, the cops were alleged to have said, "It's Giuliani time."

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