Friday, August 04, 2006

Into the abyss
Bush secrecy plunge yet to hit bottom

Your blogstress would like to think, that with the recently expressed consternation of the chairman of the Senate intelligence committee, the Bush administration had hit bottom in its secrecy addiction and was soon to be on the road to recovery. But, alas, your Webwench knows that there are no depths to which these usurpers will not plunge, and that the consternation of Republicans regarding the administration's unconstitutional behavior usually amounts to nothing more than bluster.

In today's New York Times, Mark Mazetti reports on the noise made by committee chairman Pat Roberts (R-Kan.) over the Bush administration's classification of information contained in a portion of a committee report on its use of prewar intelligence. The portion in question focuses on Cheney pal Ahmad Chalabi and the role the latter's Iraqi exile group played in passing bad info to the U.S. Government. From the New York Times:

Congressional officials said Thursday that they were puzzled by White House efforts to keep large portions of that section classified. Mr. Roberts pledged in his statement to maintain the pressure to declassify all of the Senate’s conclusions.

“This Committee will not settle for anything less,” he said. “Neither will the American people.”
Note that this is the same report that is years late, thanks to the stonewalling of one Pat Roberts.

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