Sunday, August 03, 2008

The One: McCain skips meanness; goes straight to evil

This is not just a mean ad put out by the McCain campaign, though that it is. This is not simply a dishonest ad, though it's truly that, too. This is an evil ad. It makes a mockery of people's beliefs and presents Barack Obama as a false messiah. (That's anti-Christ to you, Bub. "So what?" asks Bub. "Oh, and that's Beƫlzebub to you, missy.")

Two artfully clipped comments from Barack Obama appear here. The one in which Obama's says he's become a symbol omits the humble part of Obama's statement -- the part where he says it's not about him. When asked why he received such an enthusiastic reception in Germany, Obama replied that the crowds weren't applauding for him, they were applauding what his candidacy symbolized: "America returning to its best traditions." McFaustus cuts the quote to make it look like Obama is aggrandizing himself. Later, the ad presents Obama's joking characterization of how Hillary Clinton's campaign characterized him as if Obama is saying this about himself: that the voter will be bathed in a light that will "tell you to vote for Barack."

Seems like someone in the McCain camp is sitting at the famous Crossroads of blues legend, waiting for a deal.

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