Thursday, September 14, 2006

Ann Richards has left the building

My last memory of former Texas Governor Ann Richards, who died yesterday, was of her needling fellow Democrats -- who wanted to avoid talking about gay rights and appear unified at the 2004 party fundraiser at which she payed host:

“We are so unified,” said emcee Ann Richards, the former Texas governor, “that before their wives got wind of it, Joe Lieberman and Al Sharpton were on their way to San Francisco for a marriage license.” True to form, Richards, all wise cracks and cotton-candy hair, once again proved herself to be a character who, had she not existed, would have to be invented by a playwright with a queer eye...
That quote is from your blogstress's coverage of that event for the Washington Blade.

For more of your Webwench's musings on the the late doyenne of Texas politics, go to TAPPED, the blog of The American Prospect Online.

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