Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Recovery from what?

Our most excellent friend, Phillip Coons of, calls our attention to this item on that brand of missionary that deems the missionary position mandatory for all humanity (within the bonds of holy matrimony, of course).

Note that Mr. Coons has redesigned his informative Web site and given it a new name. The duck part, okay, your blogstress is down with: the guy lives in the wild and obviously identifies with that tasty creature. (Fits in nicely with his Navy background, too.) But your Webwench begs to differ on the "delusional" part. If only our leaders were as delusional as Mr. Coons, our nation would be in quite good shape right now.

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Flubbo op of love

The White Dragon, a reader very dear to your blogstress, sends us the following clip, c/o of the Dragon's friend, Murph, from MSNBC, whereby the president of the United States lauds the talents of gynos:

Love docs

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