Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Justice DeLayed

On the heels of Brownie's clueless, blame-laying testimony yesterday before Congress (just as we learned he was still on FEMA's payroll) comes the delicious indictment of one Hammer that seems not to be hangin' so happily this morning.

But before liberals commence their happy dance, it behooves us to issue a warning to our own representatives on the Hill, for your blogstress has, alas, too little confidence in the Democrats' ability to use these latest Republican setbacks to their own advantage. Though, combined with the administration's callous and inept response to Hurricane Katrina, the indictment of House Majority Leader Tom DeLay should guarantee a Democratic takeback of Congress next year, your Webwench cautions her readers against underestimating the Democrats' lack of political fortitude and competence in embracing the Force, even when it is with them.

Given the current set of political dynamics (Republicans revealed--in detailed relief--as the corrupt, treasury-looting, Constitution-killing louts they truly are), anything short of a string of victories in 2006 will be evidence of a moral failing. For in times such as these, ineptitude truly is a moral failing. Far too much is at stake.

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