Saturday, November 06, 2004

Fish sandwich, please

Okay, America, so we're screwed. Time to put on our thinking caps and figure out, what next?

Hey, your blogstress has this idea: How 'bout organizing around something other than an election? The liberals, progressives, and people who just like having some civil rights, did a mighty fine job of organizing folks and getting them to the polls. It would be a shame if, like too many liberal endeavors, that was declared "Mission Accomplished," because we know that the real war has just begun--so strip off those flight suits, kids.

One thing your cybertrix is hearing over and over again from people just back from organizing in the field is what an uplifting and inspiring experience it was. It seems not to matter where they were--Columbus, Milwaukee, Pittsburgh, East Cleveland, Seattle--they've all come back in a state of subdued bliss.

Let us not forget how Pat Robertson and Ralph Reed built the Christian Coalition out of the mailing lists from Robertson's failed 1988 presidential campaign. And don't forget our friend Jerry Falwell; he didn't really build anything. He was the front man for the first organization of politicized evangelical Protestants, an outfit called the Moral Majority, concocted by a couple of right-wing Catholics and bankrolled by Joseph Coors of brewski fame.

So let's get ourselves a preacher--someone who can call down the Spirit with ferocity--and paste his face on some smart-but-folksy-looking outfit bankrolled by Soros. Secularism just won't do it, folks. If the other side is winning by boxing up peoples' fears and selling them as religion, the least we can do is gather their hopes together in an open basket, and ask them to partake. And get their names and numbers.

Don't worry; there's enough in the basket to go around--at least seven loaves and a few fishes.

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