Tuesday, April 19, 2005


If one is seeking further evidence that the eschaton is about to be immanatized, one need look no further than the election of Cardinal Jozef Ratzinger to the papacy. The entire College of Cardinals has much to account for with the election of this zealot, this disdainer of women, hater of homosexuals, enthusiastic enforcer of the most authoritarian aspects of church doctrine with apparent disregard for the words of Jesus of Nazareth: "Judge not lest ye be judged."

For years, Ratzinger served as JPII's attack dog, the guy threatening to throw nuns out of their convents for having had the courage to speak their minds; the guy insisting that theologians who took issue with the Vatican's interpretation of God's word lose their jobs; the guy who saw to it that an American bishop who dared to minister to gay people was publicly humiliated.

Your cybertrix is truly shaken by this. She wasn't expecting Gandhi, but she never truly believed that the church would anoint Torquemada's heir apparent.

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White smoke

Your blogstress waits with bated breath to hear the name of the pope who has just been elected at the conclave. She's nearly certain it can't be the dreaded Ratzinger, since his name was so heavily floated--usually a sign of doom for a papal candidate. Let's all stay tuned, shall we?

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