Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Dems may just get the Senate!

Projected so far:

Casey (Penn.)
Menendez (N.J.)
Cardin (Md.)
Whitehouse (R.I.)

Not a Dem anymore, but something like one:
Lieberman (Conn.)

*Projections from MSNBC

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Home-boy Menedez wins
Legacy of corruption trumps dynasty of presumption

It is with sigh of relief that your blogstress notes that one of her least favorite sons of Jersey has triumphed in the race for the Garden State's Senate seat. Yes, Bob Menendez, your Webwench's former congressman, has now won his place in that august body, despite his Hudson County roots and the whiff of corruption that the old money, in the form of scion Tom Kean, Jr., kept fanning back on him.

The source of your net-tĂȘte's distaste for the Hudson County honcho stems not, however, from any accusation of corruption, but rather personal experience. Back in the 1980s, some very bad people known as the contras were being armed by the United States in order to make war upon the Marxist government of Nicaragua -- which, for better or worse, was probably the most socially progressive the Nicaraguans had ever known. The contras' idea of making war on the Sandinistas, however was to actually rape and torture civilians, leading liberals such as yours truly to call for the end to funding of this despicable group.

A vote for contra funding was coming up, so being a good little liberal nerd, your cybertrix called her congressman to ask him not to give a yea to guns for murderers, and she later received a letter thanking her for advocating for funding for the contras, a measure ultimately supported by Rep. Menendez.

A friend who was then an operative in the Hudson County Democratic machine explained, "Oh, they just looked at your zip code and assumed you were a right-wing Cuban."

Hasta la vista, baby.

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Don't leave home without your camcorder
Voter suppression in Virginia and elsewhere needs documentation


It's really getting deep in Ol' Virginny, where Kay Steiger, your blogstress's colleague at TAPPED, the Web log of The American Prospect Online, was challenged when she tried to vote in the precinct in which she is registered. Check out Kay's story.

The Associated Press is reporting that the FBI is investigating the intimidating calls, like the one mentioned here earlier that was made to a voter by someone purporting to be from the Virginia Election Commission, who promised the voter that he would be arrested if he showed up at his polling place.

VideoTheVote.org is encouraging folks to record their experience at the polls, and then upload any video collected of anything shady.

CLICK HERE to check out their mini-documentary.
(It's just a few minutes long.)

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Like it's not scary enough to be black in Virginia...

Opponents of Democrats have apparently been trying to bully African-Americans into staying home today in the hope of reseating Senator Macacawitz (a.k.a., George Allen).

The campaign of Macacawitz's opponent, Jim Webb -- a mere sexist, but not a racist (hey, it's Virginia) -- has posted on its Web site a recording of a voice mail received by a black Virginia voter, promising him arrest if he showed at the polls:


Its provenance, of course, remains uncertain.

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Keep your Webwench posted...

Send your cybertrix your observations of races in your home state. She wants all the dirt, of course -- the lowdown on the Republican robo-calls, the Republican voter suppression, the bribes, the offers of food and happy-ending massages. Don't leave your Ă©crivaine in the dark (unless you plan to join her there).

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Happy Election Day!

Those of you who actually get to pull the lever in a race that is not a foregone conclusion today should consider yourself blessed. Your blogstress, on the other hand, is trying to find the wherewithal -- which she no doubt will -- to do her civic duty and arrive at her polling place in order to vote for a mayor whose election is already assured, and a congressional representative who has no vote, at least not in Congress. Such is the state of things in Your Nation's Capital.

For something more uplifing, listen (right now!) to your blogstress's friend and certified hottie, Hans Johnson, on The Young Turks radio show today, via Air America. And get out there and vote!

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