Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Dumb girls (is there any other kind?) unite!

For those of us too, um, like, numerologically challenged to comprehend Tomasky's piece (see below) for all the arithmetic involved, fear not. For a pleasant diversion, you can participate in a discussion with Charlotte Allen, author of the ridiculous essay published Sunday by the Washington Post in its opinion section, in which the author asserts the mental inferiority of herself and all of the female race.

At 2:00 today: Knock your stupid selves out. Somebody remember to bring the bon-bons.

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Clinton wins: What do they mean?

With Hillary Clinton now having scored what Guardian America's Michael Tomasky regards as "decisive" victories in last night's primaries (Barack Obama won only Vermont), the question becomes, "What now?"

As Tomasky astutely concludes, Clinton hasn't much chance of winning the delegate race, and that's that it takes to win the nomination. The path to victory from here will likely be to win by wounding her opponent, because that is what it will take to win the superdelegates she will need to put her over the top.

Barack Obama will find himself in a difficult position, unable to go truly negative against Clinton without damaging the rationale for his campaign: "I come in peace."


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