Wednesday, August 16, 2006

More reader mail about Mel and the Jews

It's the gift that just keeps giving: Mel Gibson's anti-Semitic tirade and those who leverage the hatred when Mel sustains criticism for having done so. In response to your blogstress's American Prospect Online essay, The Shylock Code, your cybertrix has received a variety of e-mails. Here is one she finds particularly amusing:

So. Your article says, basically, that because YOU tell the truth when drunk, therefore EVERYONE must tell the truth when they are drunk. How stupid are you?
And above and beyond all of that: Mel has the RIGHT to believe as he wants, as we all do, that includes you. He does not practice discrimination at work as told by the countless number of Jewish employees/associates coming forward and claiming this. So he has NOT broken any law, not crossed any PC line. He has on countless occasions given charitably to many different causes.
The media, that includes you, needs to get off his back, leave him alone to heal his wounds, before this stupid hatred for 'anyone thinking differently' gets any further. It's gone to (sic) far now. And you just propagated it. You should be ashamed.

--Mutant Bunny
It is always the most cowardly of correspondents, n'est-ce pas, who hurl names ("stupid") and scream in capital letters. By that, I mean my suspicion that "Mutant" is not Mr. or Ms. Bunny's real name. And your Webwench takes this occasion to note that, if you call the blogstress names, she will not correct your grammar and/or spelling.

As to the ostensible substance of the missive from our hare-brained friend, your écrivaine reminds the reader that she never said Mr. Gibson didn't have the right to believe what he does; she simply asserted that he shouldn't deny his beliefs. Nor did she say that he had broken a law with his tirade, although he obviously did break a law by driving under the influence. As for the P.C. line, it's hardly political correctness to suggest that Mr. Gibson's apparent disdain for the Jewish people stems from an irrational prejudice.

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