Monday, April 23, 2007

Just Washington

As she so often is, your blogstress found herself moving against the tide today as she made her way toward the Capitol South subway stop just as hundreds of Hill staffers were ascending from the underground to begin their workdays. Brushing past your cybertrix was a rather rumpled Newt Gingrich, whose very presence among the throng turned a number of heads. Said the lady in the apron who hands out copies of Express, a crib sheet of AP stories produced by the Washington Post: "He looks just like he do on TV."

"He sure does," answered a lady in a pants suit, dragging a briefcase on wheels.

"You know," said the Express lady, "sometimes they really don't look like theyselves."

Now on the escalator, your Web wench gasped as a pertly dressed woman in her 20s said to her male companion, "I wish I had told him that I want him to run for president."

Your écrivaine caught her breath. Yes, perhaps it would be a good thing to have Newt run for president. Then she would have even more occasions to whip out this quote from the architect of the Contract on America, who gave, in answer to a question put forth by your cyberscribe on squaring the then-Speaker's quest for better science and math skills among American students with his apparent support for the teaching of creationism in science classes:

"I think you can certainly refer to both creationism and evolution as something that people ought to be aware of -- together," Gingrich replied. "If you look at chaos theory and the degree to which the certainty of the 19th century is beginning to be replaced, I don't think there's any problem with teaching both."
Yes, indeedy, Newt should run for president. Lots of fun for everybody.

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