Thursday, February 12, 2009

Greggus interruptus

However unfortunate it is for President Obama to be caught flatfooted by the sudden withdrawal of Commerce secretary nominee Judd Gregg, it is a boon to women. As stated here previously, Gregg has an anti-woman, anti-civil rights record, and had no business leading an agency ostensibly dedicated to fairness in commerce.

Further, Gregg's withdrawal relieves Obama of any need he felt before to sacrifice our priorities in the name bi-partisanship, as Gregg has claimed ideological differences -- including over the stimulus package -- as his reason for pulling out.

And best, it opens the position to be filled by a woman. I nominate Laura Tyson, a trade whiz who chaired President Clinton's Council of Economic Advisers.

So far, Obama's Commerce secretary nominees are like the drummer in Spinal Tap -- they just explode. Maybe the nomination of a woman -- one far more qualified for the post than either of the president's two male nominees -- will alter that dynamic.

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