Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Kill for Peace!

First, the religious right appropriated the tactics of the labor movement to create a formidable electoral bloc. Now, reports Newsweek, a pro-war group called Protest Warriors plans to appropriate the tactics of the anti-globalizers in order to "countermessage" the lefties expected to pour onto the sidewalks of New York.

Gotta give 'em points for creativity. However small their numbers, they're likely to get a lot of attention. Let's hope it's taken with the grain of salt the media would shake on something called, say, Hookers for Christ.

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Break out the planks

The Republican Platform Committee needs your help!

Your blogstress just found this nifty form on the official Web site of the Republican National Convention whereby all Republicans are invited to submit their suggestions for the party platform

Elephant for a day, anyone?

Here's the list of issues on the pull-down menu:


Culture of Life



Faith-based initiatives

Health care

Homeland security





Small business

Social Security


Tort reform



War on Terror**


Your blogstress notes no option for gay-bashing, homo-hating or fixing that queer-coddling, marriage-threatening U.S. Constitution. So perhaps there's hope?

Now, get in there, and stake your claim in the big-tent platform. Your Webwench predicts a rash of "Other" suggestions from AddieStan readers. Please don't disappoint her.

*Your cybertrix could be wrong, but didn't these used to be two distinct, sovereign nations in completely different parts of the world?

**Note this as a distinct category from Iraq/Afghanistan.

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