Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Progressive Web hosting service hacked to death

UPDATE #2: SoapBlox seems to be backing off its announcement of its own demise, though the site's communicator, who posts under the handle "pacified", still doesn't seem to know quite what to do in the face of the Big Hack. He's apparently scrubbed this earlier post from his homepage:

SoapBlox is dead.All these hackers messing with our stuff, and we here at SoapBlox have no clue what to do. We don't have enough knowledge, time, money, or care to fix it.

So I hope the Hackers are happy.

If you want the data from your blog, we will get it. But we are not going to try and restore anything.

Consider this the "We're Out of Business" post.
UPDATE #1: Pam's House Blend is back up; no further word on the fate of SoapBlox. Blue Jersey still down, as is Swing State Project.

Just received word that SoapBlox, a Web-hosting service that caters to progressive sites, has been hacked so severely that it is reported to be dead, leaving a number of sites wondering how they might recover their files -- the content of their sites. Among these sites, sadly, is the wonderful Pam's House Blend , and Stoller's Open Left. While Open Left is part of the SoapBlox community, it appears to be untouched by the hacking.

Here's a list of other SoapBlox sites:
American Liberalism
- AZNetroots (AZ)
- Below Boston
- Be Think
- Bleeding Heartland (IA)
- Blogging for Michigan
- Blogs United
- Blue Forests (WA)
- Blue Hampshire (NH)
- Blue House Diaries
- Blue Indiana
- Blue Jersey
- Blue Mass. Group
- Blue Oklahoma
- Burnt Orange Report
- Calitics (CA)
- Cheap Round Trip
- Cobalt 6
- Encourage Education
- Colorado Pols
- CT Smart Growth
- Daily Kingfish (LA)
- Draft Rick Noriega
- Democratic Central
- Educator Roundtable
- Felicifia
- Fireside 14
- Florida Politics
- Florida Workforce Housing
- Free State Politics (MD)
- FluWiki Community
- Great Education
- GreenMountainDaily (VT)
- Howling Hex
- In A League of Her Own
- Invest Every Month
- Left in Alabama (AL)
- Left in the West (MT)
- nmfbihop (NM)
- MassRevolutionNow
- Michigan Liberal
- MN Campaign Report
- myDedham
- My Left Nutmeg (CT)
- My Left Wing
- Muckraking Mom
- Never in our Names
- Open Left
- Organic American
- Organic Canadian
- Pacific Voices
- Pam's House Blend
- Peace is Active
- Peak Soil
- People's Republic of Florida
- Prairie State Blue (IL)
- Progressive Connection
- Progressive Historians
- Radical Russ
- Raising Kaine (VA)
- Red Mass Group
- Reform Fairfax
- South Carolina '08
- SquareState (CO)
- Swing State Project
- Talking Stoneham
- Texas Kaos
- Texans For Obama
- The Albany Project (NY)
- Tondee's Tavern (GA)
- Truth & Progress
- Turn Maine Blue (ME)
- VT Impeach
- Wasatch Watcher (UT)
- Worldwide Sawdust
- WVa Blue (WV)

And Introducing ...
- Cure This
- Loaded Orygun (OR)
- Maat's Feather
- My Silver State (NV)
- Native American Netroots
- New Nebraska Network (NE)
- Plant's Review of Books
- RI Future (RI)
- Show Me Progress (MO)
- Stand for John
- BlueGrassRoots (KY)
- Docudharma
- SFKossacks
- Daily Delaware (DE)
- Bad Lands Blue (SD)
- Political Flesh Feast
- Mutuality
- West Michigan Rising
- EENRBlog

Special SoapBloxes
- Colorado Confidential
- Iowa Independent
- Minnesota Monitor

Coming soon
- Blue Grass Roots (KY)

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More on Commerce

The great E.J. Graff of the Schuster Center for Investigative Journalism at Brandeis, offers the following suggestions for Secretary of Commerce:

…Carol Goldberg, former CEO of Stop&Shop, major grocery chain in New England

…Rosabeth Moss Kanter, high-flying Harvard Business School prof

…Evelyn Murphy, former Lt. Gov of Massachusetts, Ph.D., economist, author, founder and president of WAGE (Women are Getting Even)

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MoDo hearts Caroline

Maureen Dowd makes your blogstress a bit crazy. When she's good, she's very, very good, and when she's bad she's a very mean lady. Today we find her in good witch mode, promoting the candidacy of Caroline Kennedy for U.S. Senate from the Great State of New York:

People complain that the 51-year-old Harvard and Columbia Law School grad and author is not a glib, professional pol who knows how to artfully market herself, and is someone who hasn’t spent her life glad-handing, backstabbing and logrolling. I say, thank God.

The press whines that she doesn’t have a pat answer about why she wants the job. I’ve interviewed a score of men running for president; not one had a good answer for why he wanted it.
You go, girl!

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